The Van Eseltine Family Genealogy

Welcome to the Van Eseltine family genealogy as collected at the recent family reunion. Unfortunately, this genealogy is not complete or correct. We did not quite finish entering all the data during the reunion, so some things are missing. Furthermore, there are known corrections yet to be completed. Please let me know of any corrections you have.

Not all Van Eseltines share the same spelling of the name, particularly with respect to the "van", which leads to some confusion over the spelling for any given person. This is further compounded because a person may have used several spellings. The spellings in this genealogy are somewhat random, depending on what I thought was "right" for that person at the time I entered the data. Unfortuately, what I thought for any given person often changed several times! If you would like to correct your spelling, please give me the spelling as you use it today and as it appears on your birth certificate.

Our first ancestor in America was Marten Cornellisen Van Ysselsteyn. Our most recent common ancestor is Walter Van Eseltine. The online access to the ancestry is closed for maintenance.

The production of these pages involved three steps. First, I used a program called The Master Genealogist (TMG) for data entry. Second, I used TMG to generate a GEnealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM) file containing the genealogy. Finally, I used the GEDCOM to HTML converter, written by Eugene Stark, to generate these WWW pages.

Lawrence A. Crowl,